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Mallory Rigell Andrews

We just got our 5 month old English Bulldog, Samson, back from the 2 week board and train. We could not be happier! Life is so much easier already with Samson. He comes when called, previously it would take two people to corner him because he would run away! This had made house training so much easier. He no longer jumps up onto the dishwasher when I’m working and gets in the way. He will walk next to me and “heel” outside. It’s simply wonderful! Josh and the team were amazing. I received several videos of Samson being trained and I loved how kindly they spoke to Samson when they are training. You can tell they are true dog lovers which put my mind at ease knowing he was very well cared for. I give Off-Leash Training my highest recommendation! You will not regret this investment, it truly impacts your quality of life with your dog.

Burton Stark

Just got my Azul back from the 2wk board and train and I couldn’t be more pleased! She is a different dog in very positive ways and still has her crazy personality. So confident, excited to show off and can easily do everything promised and more. Miranda is a fantastic trainer and clearly went above and beyond with my girl. I would easily recommend this place to anyone looking to have their dog trained at any level. They are extremely professional, give constant updates and answer any and all questions you have no matter the time. I am so impressed and look forward to seeing how much more my dog will grow with the guidance and training given. Thank you so much Miranda!

Nikki Silvas

Our 1 year old golden retriever/ german shepherd just graduated from basic obedience with Miranda! She did an amazing job with him and helped him so much with his confidence and learning his commands! Highly recommend them!

Anthony Guardiano

We just finished 4 weeks of basic and 4 weeks of advanced training for both of our dogs (Bernie and Sydney) with Josh A. Both of our dogs have had some other training that did not seem to stick no matter how much we trained. We did a pile of research and I must have called Josh the owner 10x asking questions about their training. So glad we made the decision to use Off-Leash K9!! Our dogs can be off leash at any time and listen to what we ask them to do. They are also happier as they get to go places and be off leash like the beach, walks, etc. You get what you put into it and we made sure to spend time each day working on the lessons. We now have the kind of dogs that people ask about….”where did you go for training?” Thank you Off-Leash K9 and Josh A.!!!

Bridget Sobek Dobyan

It was a big decision to send our 8-month old Irishdoodle, Hosmer, to Off-Leash K9 for a 2-week board and train, but after having him home for just over 3 weeks now, we could not be happier with the results! Josh was incredible with sending us daily updates, videos and pictures – we could see improvement in just the first few days! We were worried that Hos wouldn’t take to us quickly when he came back or that we’d have a hard time cementing the training, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Our crazy, slightly uncontrollable pup has become a well-mannered, responsive dog – we can go for walks, have people over, and even eat our dinner in peace! Our favorite command, by far, is “place” and even Hos loves to see the different spots he can jump up to on command. Josh showed us how much more our dog is capable of and how much fun it really can be to train and learn! We could have written a glowing review on day one, but weeks later we continue to be even more amazed at the magic you worked – thank you OLK9 and Josh!

Thomas Seay

Jon and the rest of the staff not only trained our 2 pups but loved them as if our dogs were theirs. I highly recommend OffLeash K9 to anyone looking for the best dog trainers/people in the 757.

Jennifer White Carney

With great trepidation we made the decision to send our 8 month old Vizsla for a two week board and train with OLK9HR. We hated the fact that we wouldn’t see her for two weeks but we knew we needed help with her. Before she went she was an absolute nightmare to walk on a leash. She jumped all over us constantly. Counter surfing was one of her favorite activities. She would steal laundry and shoes just to play a game of catch me if you can. Her recall was pretty much nonexistent if there were any distractions. Those were just a few of her problems. Well, it’s been about three weeks since we got her back from her trainer, Josh Avila, and her transformation is simply incredible. She is the best obedient dog. It is so nice not to be dragged down the street during our walks now. She is now allowed back in the kitchen because the counter surfing has stopped. She does still try to sneak a shoe or piece of clothing every now and again but as soon as she is told “Off” she drops it right away. We are so pleased we found OLK9HR and highly recommend them to anyone that wants to have an amazing, obedient dog. Josh Wilson thank you for taking the time to answer our countless questions before making one of the best decisions of our life. Josh Avila we will never be able to thank you enough for the magic you worked on our girl, Bella.

Eric Phillips

I just picked up my 1.5 year old German Shepherd from the 2-week Board and Train. Josh Avila was her trainer for the time and I have to say I am absolutely amazed at the progress he was able to make with Scout! I almost didn’t believe it was the same dog! She was a typical stubborn, hyper GSD. Now she is alert, attentive, obeys commands, and is just all-around easier to spend time with! I can not say thank you enough to Josh Avila and Off-Leash K9 Hampton Roads!

Jimmy Grassano

Josh and his staff did an amazing job with our dog Otto! Otto is a 1 year old lab mix that is full of energy and curious about everything. When we dropped Otto off for his 2 week board and train he was pulling extremely hard on his leash, only listened when he wanted to, and was having confidence issues. When we picked him up he was a ROCK STAR! He is still the same loving and curious dog, but he listens now! What a difference! He is completely off leash and listens to everything we say. I can take him to the beach with other dogs and people and he will stay right by me until I give him the okay to go play. We take Otto with us as much as possible and continuously receive compliments about how well our dog listens and behaves. It’s been 3 months since the training and everything is still going great! Thank you Josh and the rest of your staff for helping make our dog amazing! Highly recommend this team!

Kimberly McGovern Shanahan

Josh at Off Leash K9 Training was incredible! Finley is our 8 month old Golden Retriever and (bernese mountain dog/chow/ridgeback?) mix. It is shocking how much he transformed after going through the 2 week board and train. Josh sent videos each day (which we loved) to show Finley’s progress and it was truly amazing. I can literally go jogging with him off leash and he stays right by my side no matter what is going on. Finley has been so happy and behaved since he has been home. What a difference!! We highly recommend this company – worth every penny!! Thank you!

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